[Laneige] Two tone lip bar Tinted Lipstick, Moisturizing Balm, Creamy Texture Moist Feeling With Vivid Color Combination

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No.06 Pink Step 2g
No.12 Maxi Red 2g
No.13 Orange Blurring 2g
, No.02 Red Blossom 2g
, No.03 Pink Salmon, 2g
, No.14 Dear Pink 2g
  • One lipstick, two colors.
  • Eye-catching two-tone ombre lips Get the look of your favorite celebrity with the two-color lipstick made with the know-how and experience of a makeup artist.
  • 1. Artistic color match – Ideal color combos for mesmerizing lips.
  • 2. Artistic blend – Angled tip & moisturizing texture for easy ombre lips.
  • 3. Artistic Shape- Unique shape for easy use to makeup ombre lips


Suggest Use

1. Lower the lever to push out the lipstick

2. Always open the lid before lowering the lever.

3. Dispense lipstick a little bit at a time since it gets easily broken.

4. Pressing too hard on the lipstick will push the lipstick back in. Apply gently as you hold the lever down with your thumb. (4r#)



Package Includes:

1x [Laneige] Two Tone Lip Bar