[Peripera] Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow

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#01 (Pink Melody)
#02 (Candy Cane)
#03 (Kitten Beige)
#04 (Diamond 3 Carat)
#05 (Beige Harmony)
#06 (French Flower)
  • Highlight your look by adding shimmer to your eyes. Bring depth and dimension to a whole new level.
  • Our smooth and lightweight formula is water-based, so it glides on effortlessly on your lids. Create your own color palettes by blending and layering on colors.
  • The perfect balance of pearls and glitters will create a brilliant luster on your eyes.
  • Try all of our warm and rich shades. You’ll catch a glimpse of that soft and glistening shine throughout the day.
  •  Lasts all day with vibrancy. One swipe and your good to go. Zero creasings, zero fallout.




Suggested Use

Use a tip or swab to apply a small amount gently onto eye areas.


Package Includes:

1x [Peripera] Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow