[It’s Skin] Power 10 Formula VB Sheet Mask with Vitamin B Soothing Refreshing Hydrating Moisturizing Lemon Balm Oregano Leaves

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  • Power 10 Formula sheet VB mask sheet delivers brightening effects on the skin with vitamin C, green tea extract, natural complex.
  • A high fit elastic sheet provides nutrition essence deep into the skin.
  • Plant ingredient provides moisture shield and softens skin gently.
  • It’s skin power 10 formula VB effector is an oil-free mask from It's skin containing Vitamin B6 that controls the secretion of sebum and maintains the balance of your skin’s natural moisture and oils, mitigating any skin problems.
  • It contains yellow oriental arborvitae extract, and Schisandra Chinensis extract.
  • The overall finish gives a light and refreshing feeling after application, which makes this serum the perfect skincare recipe for hot summer seasons.



Suggested Use

  • 1. Wash your face and dry it, then refine your skin texture with toner. 
  • 2. Apply the mask sheet on your face and hold it 20~30minutes while taking a rest. 
  • 3. Take off the mask and tap your face till the remains is fully absorbed.  



Package Includes:

1x [It’s Skin] Power 10 Formula VB Sheet Mask