[Innisfree] Petal Blusher Lightweight Moisturizing Liquid Cheek Blush Waterproof Natural Cream Blush Smooth

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  • Long-lasting. Liquid texture. No-creasing. Matte finish. Lovely Vitality Colors.
  • Expresses the clear and lovely floral colors on the cheeks.
  • Moist water texture adheres smoothly on the dry skin.
  • Forms a thin blusher film and maintains the fresh colors.
  • Organic ingredients, the professional fixing formula makes the bottom makeup more natural, bright, and lasting. Blendable blush glides and blends easily on your skin.
  • The texture of this liquid blusher is very light so it doesn't matter even you accidentally apply too much.
  • Lightweight creamy liquid blush for cheeks, much like a cheek tint or a cheek highlighter, perfect for blush makeup.
  • An easy-to-wear formula that can instantly blend with your skin, creating a healthy, flushed look.


Suggested Use

Shake thoroughly, take an appropriate amount, and pat gently. (4r#)





#01 Youthful Hydrangea Soaked In Sunlight

#02 Clouds Of Pink Hydrangea

#03 A Bouquet Of Fragrant Hydrangea

#04 Dried Beige Hydrangea

#05 Dried Pink Hydrangea


Package Includes:

1x [Innisfree] Petal Blusher