[A’PIEU] Oil Control Film Pact Sebum Control Blotting Sheets Compact Natural Finish

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  • Controls sebum, oiliness, and sweat with oil cut cotton powder. All-day, no darkening. Natural, clear finish.
  • Soft Pink: For yellowish skin.
  • Skin Beige: For dark, shadowy skin.
  • Sky Mint: For reddish skin.
  • Care for sebum and shine.  Lasts a long time, skin smooth.
  • Lovely Twenties.-A’PIEU If only we could forever maintain our glorious 20s.To do this A’PIEU offers the following:
  • Wearable Trends: Provides styles, colors, and textures preferred by those in their 20s Unique Ideas: Innovative concepts are created to represent the vibrance and individual charms of women
  • Pure Energy: Gentle ingredients are used to provide a soft energy to the skin



Suggested Use

Apply an adequate amount of product with the puff over the entire face.



Package Includes:

1x Oil Control Film Pact