[Innisfree] No Sebum Lotion 100ml Jeju Natural Minerals And Mint Ingredients Smooth Skin

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  • A lotion containing Jeju natural minerals and mint ingredients helps prevent excess sebum and keeps skin smooth.
  • Fill the juice with a refreshing amount of water wrap it around in a smooth way that helps balance skin oil flow.
  • Please balance the flow of the oil flow of the skin, fill the surroundings in a smooth way and fill with refreshing moisture.
  • Fresh and soft skin to ensure long-lasting makeup. Improve the quality of your skin which helps in creating long-lasting makeup.
  • Suggested Use: Take an appropriate amount after using toner and gently spread it on the face. (3a#)



Brand: Innisfree

Weight: 160g (0.35 lbs)


Package Includes:

1x [Innisfree] No Sebum Lotion 100ml