[A’PIEU] New Water Light Tint Glossy Wet Lips Moisturizing Smooth Light And Long-Lasting

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#CR02 (Apricot)
#PK01 (Cherry Blossom)
#RD01 (Rose)
#RD02 (Peach)
  • Water + Oil = Real glossy wet lips.
  • It presents lips with the moistness of water and the smoothness of oil at the same time. Adheres to skin highly with light wearability.
  • It naturally absorbs to the lips as soon as you apply them with comfortable usage. that adheres to the lips without the feeling of floating.
  • With its clear feeling of colors even after reapplying, natural and vivid is OK.
  • Lovely Twenties.- A’PIEU If only we could forever maintain our glorious 20s.To do this A’PIEU offers the following:
  • Wearable Trends: Provides styles, colors, and textures preferred by those in their 20s Unique Ideas: Innovative concepts are created to represent the vibrance and individual charms of women
  • Pure Energy: Gentle ingredients are used to provide a soft energy to the skin

Suggested Use

  • Take out the appropriate amount from the entrance of the container using the tip, apply lightly starting from the inner part of the lips.
  • If you want even more distinct colors, apply all parts inside of the lip lines.


Brand: APIEU

Code : APECM75-tintCR02

Weight : 30g (0.07 lbs)


Package Includes:

1x Lip Tint Gloss