[Missha] Modern Shadow #MPK08 Strawberry Cream Donut Rich Color, Easy To Use, Long-Lasting, Skin-Friendly

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  • Clear & Rich Color: Rich color is expressed with one touch.
  • Smooth and silky texture: Silicone coating powder is applied softly without clumping.
  • Perfect Adhesion: It keeps rich pearl and vivid color by using a powder that increases adhesion on the skin.
  • Suggested Use: Take the appropriate amount of content to your fingertips or applicator, and apply it gently on your eyes by tapping lightly. You can feel the glitter even more by pressing lightly so that glitter adheres well to your eyes. (3a#)

Brand: Missha

Weight: 50g (0.11 lbs)

Package Includes:

1x [Missha] Modern Shadow #MPK08 Strawberry Cream Donut