[Etude house] Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Eyebrow Shaping Guide Card Measure Template Shaper

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  • This Eyebrow Drawing Guide allows you to achieve three different looks with three different brow shapes that easily help you find your ideal frame.
  • Suggest Use:
  1. Neatly organize your eyebrow hair with the eyebrow brush.
  2. Choose an Eyebrow Drawing Guide according to your desired style.
  3. Align the dotted line with the natural start and endpoints of your eyebrows, and press it onto your face by placing your thumb and index finger onto the Eyebrow Drawing Guide’s paw prints.
  4. Re-align the Eyebrow Drawing Guide with the ends of your eyebrow, and fill in the remaining eyebrow.
  5. Repeat Steps 3-4. (3a#)




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1x [Etude house] Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide