[Skinfood] Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes Micro Powder And Slip-Sliding Powder Palette

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#01 Berry Chiffon
#02 Orange Pound
#03 Pain au Polemo
#05 Mousse au Plum Chocolat
#07 Plum Mellow
  • Beautiful eye look with wearable color shades and natural blending 7-color eye shadow palette for a natural color blend with a moisturizing, silky, and powdery texture containing trendy, yet practical color shades for different moods.
  • Smooth and gliding blending with a delicate and light texture like sugar powder.

  • Micro powder and Slip-Sliding Powder give a smooth texture and natural blending.

  • Dermatotropic ingredients lightly adhere to the eye area.

  • Ingredients similar to natural moisturizing agents and ceramide protect the eye area and help the product easily adhere to the skin.

  • Lightly glides on the skin without getting into the creases with a clean and silky finish. (3a#)


#01 Berry Chiffon
#02 Orange Pound
#03 Pain au Polemo
#05 Mousse Au Plum Chocolat
#07 Plum Mellow

  • Suggested Use: Gently apply to the eye area using your fingers or a brush and blend for a natural look.


Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes

Sugar powdery blending

Wearable color shade

Lightly skin fit

Seamless silk finish

Package Includes:

1x [Skinfood] Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes of your choose