[A’PIEU] Juicy-Pang Water Blusher Soft Blending Formula Hydrating Moisturizing

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  • Complete the moist cheeks full of water.
  • Soft Blending Formula.
  • It is not stained even if it is applied to base makeup. Beginners can blend easily.
  • Lovely Twenties.- A’PIEU If only we could forever maintain our glorious 20s.To do this A’PIEU offers the following:
  • Wearable Trends: Provides styles, colors, and textures preferred by those in their 20s Unique Ideas: Innovative concepts are created to represent the vibrance and individual charms of women
  • Pure Energy: Gentle ingredients are used to provide a soft energy to the skin

Suggested Use

Please closes the lid and shake enough. After base makes up use application to apply onto cheeks, use fingers to pat and blend.



Brand: APIEU

Weight : 50g (0.11 lbs)


Package Includes:

1x Water Blusher