[The face shop] Designing Eyebrow Long Lasting Dual Ended Waterproof Brow Pencil Black Light Brown Unique Extra Sharp Square Flat Shaped

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05 light brown
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  •  Easily expression of a sharp eyebrow or flat mono-eyebrow.
  • A square flat-shaped pencil for easier application.
  • Pull out lead slightly and draw from the head to end of the eyes naturally
  • Non-irritating
  • The long-lasting formula stays put through water and sweat so your brow game stays on point. 
  • The unique slanted and flat tip makes creating strokes easier to provide a natural or defined look. Keep brow hairs tamed with the soft, built-in brow brush on the opposite end.


How to use


Apply strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hair to fulfill the desired shape of brows. Use opposite end spoolie to blend product. Always recap after use so the product does not dry out. (4re#)


Package Includes:

1x [The face shop] Designing Eyebrow