[3CE] Cedar Wood Moisturizing Cream For Face Dry Oily Skin

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  • MOISTURE FULL PERFECT SKIN THERAPHY- A daily healing partner that soothes stressed and troubled skin. Perfect balance of light gel cream and heavy moisturizer. Skin deeply absorbed with moisture, coated with a moisture barrier for added protection and long-lasting dewiness.
  • SOLUTION TO MOISTURE BARRIER –A moisturizing gel formula concentrated into a creamy balm type with a soft texture that melts into skin, providing gentle yet deep hydration.
  • REFRESHING HYDRATION FROM CEDAR FORESTSJeju Cedar wood and cypress extracts bring cool forest breezes to your skin. Jeju cedar wood and cypress extracts offer deep hydration for dry skin, while panthenol, madecassoside, and portulaca extract help to soothe and moisturize sensitive and irritated skin.

Cedar Wood Moisturizing Cream recommended to use for:

  1. Oily skin outside and dry inside ,facing imbalance between serum and water
  2. Sensitive skin(Hypo allergic certified)
  3. Lack of lasting skin hydration
  4. Want a light skincare product somewhere between gel and cream

Suggested Use:

  1. Refrigerate to instantly cool before using, thus soothes heated and inflamed skin.
  2. If you feel skin is dull and tired, apply 2~3 layers to strengthen the moisture barrier.
  3. When it’s time to clean your makeup, dispense a small amount of refrigerated cream onto a soft sponge and slightly wipe away your makeup before re-applying. The moisture balm formula leaves skin hydrated and dewy, just as if you’ve popped on a quick facial mask.
  4. When your skin is stressed from the weather, apply generously and use like a sleeping pack to calm it down. (6k&)


Brand : 3CE
Weight : 150g (0.33 lbs)

Package Includes:

1 x Cedar Wood Moisturizing Cream