[Laneige] Brush Pact Pore Blur

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  • The built-in soft-sensation brush Allows the user to get a professional makeup artist finish.
  • Stand out from the crowd with excellent skin:  Natural Finish: Contains minerals that give off a vibrant glow. Pore Blur: Keeps skin soft and smooth like babies. Pink Beam: Edgy, eye-catching glow. Pore Blur: Keeps skin soft and smooth like a baby.  Pink Beam: Edgy, eye-catching glow.
  • excellent long-lasting properties: Maintains color makeup all day long.
  • Suggested Use: Natural Finish For outstanding skin texture-rolling. Concern: dull and rough surfaces of skin. Where to apply: Triangle Zone
  • How to use the brush: Use the snap of your wrist to “roll” the brush over the forehead, between the eyebrows, both cheeks, and chin.
  • Pore Blur: Concern: oily skin with stretched and visible pores. Where to apply: Plus Zone
  • How to use the brush: zigzag the brush as if to draw a “Z” so that the powder does not crease on the pores.
  • Pink Beam: For vibrant, glowing skin – sliding. Concern: dull and flat areas. Where to apply: Diamond Zone
  • How to use the brush: Apply with the brush starting from the outer tip of your eye to nasolabial folds using gentle strokes.
  • The Brush Pact makes touch-ups a breeze. The fluffy retractable brush is made of 100 percent artificial hair, which means you’re assured of an even finish with zero streakings, every single time. (3a#)




Brand: Laneige

Weight: 80g (0.18 lbs)


Package ıncludes:

1x [Laneige] Brush Pact Pore Blur