[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Spot Essence For Skin Trouble Care

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  • Formulated with Jeju Bija oil 750mg, green complex (Jeju green tea, tangerine, etc.) Relieves skin troubles and dermatitis and promotes vitality for the skin.
  • Jejubija anti-trouble spot essence helps to treat and soothe bumpy, troubled skin leaving you with a smooth skin surface.
  • The non-comedogenic test-passed product is suitable for skin with pimples.
  • The elastic essence works effectively on spots, effectively treating your dead skin cells and sebum.
  • The transparent gel-type product inconspicuously works even when applied locally on your skin.
  • 6-free system (paraben-free, animal ingredient-free, mineral oil-free, synthetic coloring-free, artificial fragrance-free, Diazolidinyl urea-free).
  • Use a cotton swab to gently apply to troubled areas. Apply sunscreen after using this essence during the day. UV rays can cause skin trouble. (3a#)



Brand: Innisfree

Weight: 100g (0.22 lbs)


Package Includes:

1x [Innisfree] Bija Trouble Spot Essence


[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Spot Essence

[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Spot Essence