Our Stories

Hi, This is Samal! Last year university student who is seeking new opportunities not only after graduation but while the study period I started my first work journey with this new startup company. Remaining as a full-time student with both degrees in International Business and Industrial Engineering, I am trying to bring up an essential asset to build up the company. As one of the first employees of our company, it was compelling to bring up other team members to reach a common mission. We are not just a co-operative, trustful team of colleagues but true friends to boost up our new startup company and distinguish ourselves from unique perspectives. Long-distance, time, other circumstances aren't bricks on our way. A Latin phrase Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno means One for all, all for one is our imperative motto!
I'm Bintan, I am in charge of the graphic design of Sheelab. I am responsible for the design of our products. As a foreigner /stranger wandering in a foreign land by myself to study, gain knowledge, and explore a new culture, I would like to say to all people around the world that do not afraid to explore something new. Doing things I like to lead me to meet new people with the same passion, hobby, and interest. As ladies experience the common problem we want to help them to solve their problem as our own by combining an existing product with innovation to bring up the best from the generic mass market.
Hi, I'm Kübra. I'm responsible for Sheelab's marketing journey. As someone who tries to live simple and natural in every point of my life, it's an honor for me to be a part of this brand which has the same purpose. Simplicity is my priority and I'm one of the rare young girls who don't prefer to wear makeup but, of course, I care about my skin looking good. I also pay attention to the clean and natural ingredients of the products I use, especially those that will contact my skin. So if you share similar sensitivity, I want you to know that we carefully select our products to protect nature. Give us a chance!
Hi guys I'm Aslı! As a young woman who traveled to 20 countries, I would like to say your age does not matter how much experience you have got. My experience so far is all in one product which means imagine one product that has everything you ask for. As a traveler and businesswoman, our time and capacity of the out bag are important, that is why I decided to change my whole life to start a new life with the product and company I trust. That was my short part of my whole Sales Operations story.
Hey guys! This is Rabia, I am in charge of the digital marketing team and a proud member of the sales operations team. As far as my tittles go I am helping my teammates to grow our company day by day. Until a few months ago I was a new University graduate who did not have any idea what she's doing next. A lost and confused young lady who's not sure if she can take on the world. Now I have 5 other really supportive coworkers who are also my friends to lift me up when I'm down. And as SheeLab we don't only want to be sellers but also your friends that help you create a safer environment for our world too. And now that I found my cause I will do everything in my power as a businesswoman to show the whole world that girls can do it while doing right by mother nature!
I'm Halide! Coming from a multicultural background, working in different countries, different sectors I am always eager to try and learn new things. When I first came to this company, I applied for B2C as it was something I have done before. However, I was asked to join B2B instead and without giving it a second thought I immediately accepted it and went out of my comfort zone. I am glad I took this step! I am learning new things every day, the pressure of improving and doing the work perfectly with no room for mistake when you don't know much about the field makes me believe that women no matter how many responsibilities, pressure, the stress we face in our Personal and Professional life, Us women we never give up! we might need a coffee, we might need a good cry, we might need a day in bed but we will always come back stronger!