[Laneige] Two Tone Matte Lip Bar Tinted Lipstick, Moisturizing Balm, Creamy Texture Moist Feeling With Vivid Color Combination

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#01 (Burgundy Mood)
#02 (Red Cashmere)
#03 (Powershoulder Pink)
#04 (Fitting Rose)
#05 (Sunshine Coral)
#06 (Red Velvet)
#07 (Apricot Candy)
#08 (Rose Layering)
#09 (Raspberry Latte)
#10 (Soft Knit)
  • High-coloration matte color meets velvet Lip Primer.
  • 1. High-coloration matte color meets velvet lip primer!-The two different textures make the inside of the lips look vivid and the outside of the lips smooth!
  • 2. Matte outside, moist inside. -The gel formula expresses comfortable matte lips without making dry lips, wrinkles, and dead skin cells noticeable by filling the curves of the lips.
  • 3. Quick touch gradation. -The unique, diagonal cut expresses natural auto gradation as if done by a makeup artist.



Suggested Use

1. Lower lip – Make the main color direct the inner side of the lip and apply the lip bar 2-3 times.

2. Upper lip – Likewise, make the main color direct the inner side and apply to the lip.

3. Gradation – Close the lips~

4. Gradation complete -Open the lips! And blur the color borders and make natural gradation. The Artist’s attractive gradation lip makeup, high gloss from the inner side of the lips, and semi-matte texture that keeps the outer line of the lips soft, is done!


Package Includes:

1x [Laneige] Two Tone Matte Lip Bar1158a513ee1136e161ee7a9365080ed4_15217751345e306c2c0b4de5b5f8f88b4e2ec44_15217751345e306c2c0b4de5b5f8f88b4e2ec44_1521775