[Missha] Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream Hydrating Moisturizing Treatment Herbal Angelica Chamomile Soothing Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging

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  • MISSHA Time Revolution Nutritious provides high-class ingredients and a lot of moisture to dry, tired skin and brings a healthy glow to the complexion.
  • The highly nourishing and moisturizing care cream supplies the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth with top-class active ingredients, making it smooth and taut and lightens dark shadows softly.
  • The moisture care of the nourishing black lentil butter keeps the skin around the eyes prone to dryness and wrinkles feel moisturized and smooth.
  • The eye cream firms up the loose skin around the eyes as it closely adheres to the like melting butter while providing a dense finish to the skin.
  • It replenishes sensitive skin caused by dryness with moisture. The soothing herbal ingredients such as Angelica and Chamomile keep the skin condition feel comfortable and stable.



Suggested Use:

Apply an appropriate amount around the eyes and mouth and pat lightly until fully absorbed.



Package Includes:

1x [Missha] Time Revolution Nutritious Eye Cream