[Innisfree] Olive Real Skin Ex 200ml Hydrating Toner Moist Healthy Skincare Effect

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A deep hydrating toner with Olive Power Activator (tocopherol, vitamin E, and oleic acid) that provides powerful moisturisation for dry skin and create a layer of moisture barrier.

1. Moist, healthy skin with powerful moisturizing effect of olives
The viscous texture forms a 1st-step moisture shield on overly dry skin to refine flaky dead

2. Upgraded moisturizing effect
Vitamin E protects against water loss by creating a moisturizing layer on the outermost layers of the skin

3. Golden olives grown in the best environment of Mediterranean island
Olive oil extracted from luxurious golden olives creates a firm moisture barrier, providing moist and nutritious essential care.

Organic olives of the finest quality that were grown in golden sunlight, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea - golden olives

innisfree delivers deep nourishment from olive which had been praised by ancient Mediterranean people for its nutritional value as they called it as "liquid gold".

* 24-hour hydration from the finest golden olives
Moisturizing skincare made with extra virgin, premium olive oil. Scented with olives for a refreshing way to moisturize skin.
Suggested Use:
Apply an appropriate amount smoothly onto face and neck after using fluid.(6k&)


Brand : Innisfree
Weight : 230g (0.51 lbs)

Package Includes:

1x Olive Real Skin Ex 200ml