[Innisfree] Jeju Orchid Intense Cream 50ml Hyaluronic Acid And Argan Oil

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  • Hyaluronic acid and argan oil fill the skin with rich nutrition and gift a natural glow.
  • Orchidelixir 2.0™ tends the tired and aging skin with healthy and elastic nutrition.
  • Rich and luxurious texture fills the rough skin with a firm and elastic protective film.
  • Jeju Orchid Intense Cream 50 ml Inspired by the powerful vitality of Jeju Island orchids, this anti-aging cream is formulated to treat elasticity, wrinkles, blemishes, severe dryness, and skin nutrition at the same time.
  • Jeju orchid intense cream to make skin brighter and more nutritious The hyaluronic acid of Jeju mung bean extract and argan oil provide rich nutrition to make skin glow naturally.
  • A luxurious skin protection cream with a rich and smooth texture The texture rich in nutrients is absorbed by the skin instantly so that it softens and protects the skin.
  • Suggested Use: Take an appropriate amount, spread smoothly, and pat gently.
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    Brand: Innisfree

    Weight: 120g (0.26 lbs)


    Package Includes:

    1x [Innisfree] Jeju Orchid Intense Cream 50ml


    [Innisfree] Jeju Orchid Intense Cream 50ml Hyaluronic Acid And Argan Oil