[Innisfree] Derma Formula Peeling Cream Launching Set Repair Moisturizer Skin Protection Soothing Wrinkle Improvement Brightening Paraben Fragrance Color Free

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Set Type
  • Derma Formula Peeling Cream 40ml + Skin Barrier Cream 10mlA scaling cream infused with low molecular weight peptides and 10% AHA salts, leaves your skin supple and resilient.
  • The AHA salts mildly peel off and smooth out rough, flaky skin while the low molecular weight peptides help improve skin elasticity.
  • This package includes 1 x Derma Formula Peeling Cream – 40ml 1 x Derma Formula Skin Barrier Cream – 10ml


Suggested Use

After cleansing, apply as a night cream at the last step of skincare.

1. For flaky dead skin cell: Apply as a sleeping mask, spread a thick layer, and gently massage your face, then go to sleep after it is completely absorbed into the skin.

2. For unnoticeable dead skin cells: Apply a thin layer as a sleeping mask. 


Package Includes:

1x Derma Formula Peeling Cream Launching Set