[Moonshot] Cream Paint Stainfit Vibrant Colors Lightweight Matte Finish Long-Lasting Deep Hydration with Shea Butter Coconut Oil

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#01 (Cuba Red)
#02 (Summer Sunset)
#03 (Rosy Claret)
#04 (Roast Peach)
#05 (Ginger Coral)
  • A color that’s fitting as if it is your natural color.
  • One-Touch – A vibrant and eye-catching colors that glide smoothly onto your lips.
  • Moonshot Cream Paint Stain Fit is a lightweight lip stain that gives lips a matte finish.
  • Cream Paint Stain Fit comes with 8 shades of rich colors to create gorgeous, vivid lips with just one touch Leathery lightweight texture perfectly fits the lip and offers a burdenless long-lasting effect.
  • Shea Butter and Coconut Oil gives deep hydration yet keep your lips matte



Suggested Use

With an applicator, start in the center of lips and smooth outwards toward comers of mouth. (4r#)



#01 Cuba Red

#02 Summer Sunset

#03 Rosy Claret

#04 Roast Peach

#05 Ginger Coral

#06 Love Tan

#07 Flamingo Fever

#08 Orange Hunter


Package Includes:

1x [Moonshot] Cream Paint Stainfit

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