[Sulwhasoo] Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

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  • Embodying 50 years of ginseng research for a revitalized look Sulwhasoo found ginseng’s anti-aging essence “Compound k and ginsenoside re”, each from ginseng roots and ginseng flower.
  • Exclusive ginseng formula helps to reduce the comprehensive signs of skin aging and make skin look revitalized.
  • From skincare to Image Anti-aging care Concentrated ginseng renewing cream ex performs image anti-aging- younger and softer complexion achieved by firmer-looking skin around the face.
  • Image Zone is a new concept with which Sulwhasoo measures anti-aging effects and defines a youthful, friendly look. Sulwhasoo identified the image zone by connecting areas susceptible to aging due to repeated facial expressions and loss of skin’s elastic look.
  • A rich yet subtle sensual experience Made with Sulwhasoo’s multi-emulsification technology, the nutritious texture offers a richly hydrated finish as well as a luminous and glowing look. The subtle yet full-bodied scent of ginseng roots.


Suggested Use

Use as a day and night cream. Apply a moderate amount and spread evenly across your face. (4r#)


Package Includes:

1x [Sulwhasoo] Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream