About Us

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We are a team of young female entrepreneurs with a fresh start in the US market. Our goal is to meet the needs and desires mostly of women with exclusive beauty care products. Our team is formed by females from different countries, speaking different languages but coming together for a common purpose.

We support women to be more involved in business life. We expect support from women entrepreneurs like us. As females in their early 20s, we are so eager and ready to make a difference. We can touch many lives as our cultures and backgrounds are different since we have a lot to learn from each other. We are a new business here so, we hope you will enjoy our brand and will be with us.

As a female team, we understand that every customer deserves the exclusionary goods with benefits. Some wellness, skincare products with unique ingredients are directly sourced from Holly land for our beloved customers. We are very excited to meet with YOU and bring a wonderful experience as soon as possible!


<img src="feedingcat.jpg" alt="girl feeding stray cat on the street"><img src="feedingcat.jpg" alt="girl feeding stray cat on the street">

We care about our animal friends. The new coronavirus, which affected the world negatively affected the lives of stray animals. In the statements of both social media and the associations and institutions working for animal rights, it is stated that the number of animals abandoned to the streets due to the epidemic has increased. They are also less loved and fed less. As Sheelab, we would like to tell you that we do not forget stray animals in curfews, and you are halfway to stray animals with the product you buy from us. Each product means food, and it's your turn to help!


The achievements of women in all areas of life impressed us. We started this business with the success stories of women who motivated us and, we see them as our models. One of our goals is proving how successful women can be when they want to and inspiring future generations. If you are interested in sharing stories that you think can help us, women, around the world successful.

Please share your stories with us on our social media accounts!