[A’PIEU] Hole Cleaner Ear and Navel Cleanser Gentle Moisturizing Soft Texture Gel

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  • It keeps clean the keratin and foreign matter between the ear and the navel. Ears and navel special cleaner gently and moisturizes with botanical ingredients.
  • It is convenient to not wash after use. Soft gel texture. It does not sticky.
  • Lovely Twenties.- A’PIEU If only we could forever maintain our glorious 20s.To do this A’PIEU offers the following:
  • Wearable Trends: Provides styles, colors, and textures preferred by those in their 20s Unique Ideas: Innovative concepts are created to represent the vibrance and individual charms of women
  • Pure Energy: Gentle ingredients are used to provide a soft energy to the skin

Suggested Use

  • Relieve moderate gel on cotton.
  • Gently wipe around the auricle and ears.
  • Please tapping lightly to absorb the remaining gel.*When used on the belly button*Immerse the gel so that it covers the end of the swab.
  • Gently wipe the swab into the navel. Clean navel care Completed


Brand: APIEU

Code: APEC-HoleC

Weight : 150g (0.33 lbs)


Package Includes:

1x Hole Cleaner