Political War and Children



Childhood has an important place in the life process of individuals. Childhood; It is also considered as a period that shapes youth and adulthood. Because childhood is called a process that directs our relationships within and outside the family, in which love and hate is formed, career choices are determined, and decisions are made about the people around us and ourselves.

For this reason, the vast majority of children who are pushed into crime, involved in illegal events or abused have painful marks when looking at their backgrounds. In many parts of the world, it is seen that children do not have the rights required by the age in health, education, social and legal fields in a way befitting the 21st century. Today, in many countries of the world, many victimizations are experienced in the exploitation of children, use of drugs, abuse in various ways (physical, emotional, sexual, economic) and the worst forms of child labor.

happy children just like they deserve


Let’s give them an education not war!

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