Michelle Obama's Inspiring Life Story


Michelle Obama

Let’s take a look at Michelle Obama’s inspiring life story. Her record-breaking book named “Becoming” where her life story is told, is also featured in Netflix’s documentary under the same name.

She completed her primary education at the gifted school. She graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. After her education, she returned to Chicago and worked at a well-known law firm in the USA and the University of Chicago. They also met with Barack Obama while working at this law firm.

 barack and michelle obama at young age

Michelle was the assistant commissioner for the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, then she became executive director of the leadership-training program for young adults. After that Michelle became the associate dean of student services at the University of Chicago, where she helped organize the school’s community outreach programs. Three years later she became vice president of community and external affairs for the University of Chicago Medical Center.

After her husband’s announcement of the Democratic presidential nomination, Michelle took a significant role in his campaign. Because of this reason she had to leave the University of Chicago to focus more on campaigning.

 barack obama and his wife michelle obama and their daughters

Later, her husband is elected president, as the first lady, Michelle was involved in various causes, notably supporting military families and worked to stop increasing childhood obesity. In an effort to promote healthy eating, she even planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House. 

 michelle obama gives a speech about let's move campaign

To stop increasing childhood obesity, she launched the Let’s Move campaign to encourage families to raise children healthier were leaders, educators, medical professionals, parents and more came together to create a solution together. This campaign, which has an important purpose involved such as producing healthy food in schools, encouraging children to have a more active life, or urging companies to attract healthy food.

 michelle obama with her curly hair wearing black jacket

Then, Mrs. Obama launched Joining Forces which is her joint work with Dr. Jill Biden, a nationwide attempt calling all Americans to rally around service members, veterans, and their families and support them through wellness, education, and employment opportunities. Joining Forces worked for hand in hand with the public and private sector to ensure that service members, veterans, and their families had the tools they needed to succeed throughout their lives.

 michelle obama is dancing with children at school

Another work she carried out was the Reach Higher Initiative, to inspire the young generation across America for the better of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university. The main aim was helping them to build the best of their future in every field from high school to university.

 michelle obama holds child's hand

Also, she launched Let Girls Learn to help girls around the world whose taken out of school at an early age, who have a break from their school life, whose education cannot be supported by their family. To raise strong women with a better future, she became the voice for girls whose education rights have been taken away.Michelle Obama's book named becoming

In her book, she stated that she was uncomfortable being recognized only as of the president’s wife and how powerful her story also was. We can see that she’s more than that with a strong story behind it.



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