Blue Lives Matter Divides US

What is Blue Lives Matter?

Blue Lives Matter is a pro-police slogan and movement, for police officers killed while on duty in the United States in 2014. The non-profit organization was established to support police officers and their families during times of need.

blue lives matter

It emerged in response to the slogan "Black Lives Matter", which was previously used for the murder of black people, and is regarded by some as a fascist and racist slogan.

The phrase All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter is a phrase used by some people who oppose the Black Lives Matter movement for various reasons.Members of this movement believe that police officers discriminate, arguing that wanting to kill a police officer should be seen as a hate crime.

The lives of police officers have never been devalued by anyone, being a police officer was their choice and they have already been trained to protect their selves and serve the country.

People are born Black and they are affected by that fact every day. Their skin is not a uniform they can take off when their shift's over. They are stopped, questioned, and killed by the poliçe simply because of their skin color. People against racism promoted the Black Lives Matter slogan and organized marches to end this discrimination for years. But many racist people defended the right of the police to oppose this action.

the capitol building attack

A policeman was killed by Trump supporters who are pioneers of the Blue Lives Matter movement and holds the flags at the Capitol building attack on January 6. It turned out that this was raised in response to black people rather than revealing the value given to the police.

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