What Causes Oily Skin?



Hormonal Changes

During puberty or if you are pregnant, your body changes and hormones change and this can cause oily skin.


The place you live or where you travel can cause oily skin. If you live in a humid or hot country or city, this can cause oily skin.


It may come from your family.

D. Large Pores

Skin with large pores has more oil.

E. Using Hard Soaps

Exfoliating too much or too hard can trigger sebum production. Harsh chemicals cause oily skin.

What Causes Dry Skin?

1. Genetics
If most of your family members have dry skin, you may too.

Season 2
The seasons are very effective, the skin dries more in winter.

3.Long showers
If water touches your skin for too long, your skin may become dry.

What Causes Mixed Skin?

1. Genetics
If any of your parents have combination skin, you may too.

2. Products
Sometimes harsh products can change skin type and contribute to excessive sebum production in the T-zone.

You may see a change in your skin type due to climate change. For example, your skin may feel oily in the summer months and your skin may feel dry in the winter months.


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