How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With 5 Tiny Tricks?

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With 5 Tiny Tricks?

Makeup Tricks to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

The makeup world is like an endless sea. It is possible to create a tiny illusion on your face with various tips. Making eyes look bigger with makeup tricks is one of them. Big eyes always add a difference to expression, and making eyes look big is one of the most preferred techniques by experts. Here are some of the awesome tricks that will make your little eyes look bigger!


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1.Enlarge Eyes With Light Color Pen.

This is probably the best-known method for big eyes. If you don't like the rawness of white eyeliner, a skin-colored one also will do the same in daily eye makeup. It makes the eyes look bright and big in the simplest way. For this, rub the white eyeliner inside the lower eyelid. It will make your eyes look bigger than they are.


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2.Increase Your Eyebrows To The Side.

If you widen your eyebrows by filling them slightly sideways using an eyebrow pencil, this posture will immediately reflect on your eyes as your eye area will look larger.


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3.Darkness Under Eye Also Makes The Eye Smaller.

A dark color positioned just below the eye causes the eye area to look small. For this reason, make sure to use under eye concealer to cover your under-eye circles completely and equalize your under-eye color to the color of your cheek.


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4.Use Light Color Eyeshadow.

To highlight your eyes, get natural and light-colored (nude) eyeshadows that are close to your skin color, and apply these light-colored eyeshadows, especially to the middle part of your eyelid. Increase the highlight process by applying some sparkly and light color eyeshadow on it.


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5.You Need Big And Curled Eyelashes!

Make your lashes bigger, fuller, and curled than ever before. Large-looking, curved and voluminous eyelashes will make your eyes look big too!

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