Goal of Sheelab



We are a team of young female entrepreneurs with a fresh start in US market. Our goal is to meet the needs and desires mostly for women with exclusive beauty care products. Our team is formed by females from different countries, speaking different languages but coming together for a common purpose. Our vision is to ensure that our products are available everywhere and in the most appropriate way, to meet customer needs and expectations at the highest level and to apply globally accepted general quality standards while doing this.

And we realize that there is no more rain and less bees that we see and even though we do not want to accept it deep down we already know that the world is getting worse and worse. People started to use everything for their faces that they see on screen and at that moment we had this idea that why as human beings we do not support the earth by using and eating sustainable, eco-friendly, non-plastic things  and we start creating our products. Our products has purpose, our products will look after the earth. We take care of you and our one and only home.

illustration of six girls

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