Benefits of Facial Yoga | Firm Your Skin With Simple Exercises

Benefits of Facial Yoga | Firm Your Skin With Simple Exercises

What is Facial Yoga?

We have muscles in our faces like our bodies. As we age, depending on genetic and environmental factors, the fat tissue and collagen in the lower layer of the skin begin to decrease. The young appearance of the skin may begin to lose with the relaxation of facial muscles. Most people resort to plastic surgery as a solution when there is a less painful method.
Facial yoga may sound like a new and trendy technique for battling sagging skin, but it has solid roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Facial yoga increases the tension of the facial muscles, allowing you to have younger and tighter skin in a short time. To benefit from facial yoga, you need to devote an average of 15 minutes to these movements during the day. Just like doing sports, being stable in facial yoga, and repeating the movements regularly will get you the result you want.

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Reveal Facial Features with Face Yoga

The benefits of facial yoga do not only include using facial muscles actively and having healthier-looking skin. While your skin tightens with facial yoga, it gets a better form. While saying goodbye to wrinkles around the forehead, around the eyes, and between the two eyebrows, you can also lose the excess in your jowl area. In this way, your facial features that reveal the youthful energy become clear and get a sharper form.

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Yoga Movements That Rejuvenate Skin Appearance

  • Facial yoga movements are very diverse. The movements in yoga are aimed at working all the muscles in the face. You can do the recommended yoga exercises for the lips and around the lips, cheeks, eyebrows, around the eyes, forehead, chin, and neck areas as you need.
  • You can add facial yoga movements that you have to repeat in certain numbers to your daily schedule. If there is an area where you want to work more, you can see the change in your face and skin over time by concentrating on it.
  • With facial yoga, you can witness the light facial wrinkles begin to open in a few months and the deep wrinkles on your face over time.
  • You can work in the area you want, not only get rid of wrinkles but also have more vivid skin. You can enjoy looking younger for many years when facial yoga exercises that will make you say goodbye to pale skin appearance become your daily routine.
  • You should apply your facial yoga with an effective skincare routine. You can use a facial serum to strengthen your skin while applying step by step facial yoga. When using a serum with a guide to doing facial yoga, you can make your skin absorb the serum more easily and help maintain skin elasticity. The serum containing the complex of herbal origin is rapidly absorbed and increases the resistance of the skin.

How is Face Yoga done?

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For Lip Contour: Face yoga has certain points of the face. If your goal is a lip plumping with facial yoga, first moisturize your lips with a moisturizer. Then think of water in the mouth and try to gargle with air. You can throw the air in the mouth to the right and left. Another method would be to go in front of the mirror and send loving kisses to yourself. You can strengthen the lip contour with these movements that you will try for about 1 minute. One move you will apply on your lips is to remove the letter "O". You can blow out the air by saying the letter O. Thus, your cheek and lip area will work.
For Eyelids: Facial yoga strengthens the eyelids and prevents wrinkles when applied around the eyes. To do this, stretch your eyebrows up with your palm and try to look down while doing this. Repeat the application for 1 to 2 minutes daily.
For Cheek Contour: Regularly applied facial yoga can prevent undesirable situations such as sagging cheeks. For this purpose, we can recommend you to inflate balloons. To deflate the balloon you inflate with your cheeks, hold it close to your lips, and blow against the air as the air comes out. Thus, you will work your cheek muscles. You can try this movement regularly by inflating balloons 10 times.
For Cheek Plumping: If you are trying facial yoga to leave a cheek plumping effect, you should not neglect your daily exercises. Sagging cheeks stretch over time to your cheekbones become full.
For Cheek Sagging: You can try the movement called the Chinese mustache to prevent cheek sagging. For this move, create the number 2 with your fingers and join them together. Stretch the right and left cheeks with this movement. Wait about 10 seconds at each stretch.
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