Cup Holder Trash Can With Lid For Cars Vehicle Automotive Mini Garbage Bin Office Home Leakproof

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  • PERFECT FOR DAILY USAGE: It is uniquely designed to fit in your cup holder to save space which makes it a great solution for keeping your car clean all the time!
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE USAGE: The most versatile trash holder, it can be used in various places like your car, office, or home. This mini trash can is compatible with every vehicle that has a cup holder.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: It can be used as a trash can, ashtray, coin holder, or cup holder. No need to worry about your extra items or garbage falling off in your car.
  • Convenience: The easy bounce plastic cover can be removed for easy and instant trash removal at a quick stop, gas station, or your home.
  • KEEPS YOUR VEHICLE TRASH FREE: This mini trash can that fits in your cup holder maintains your vehicle clean and organized, yet does not occupy the other space of the car.
  • EASY TO USE: "PUSH" Lid Opens Effortlessly & Closes Automatically. Simply Push the flip lid and toss the trash in. You’ll never have to worry about garbage scattering in your vehicle again!