Ways to Make Your Beauty Supplies Permanent

Ways to Make Your Beauty Supplies Permanent




If you want to learn how to make beauty products last longer, one of the most important rules to remember is to keep containers closed and not allow air or dust in your products. Allowing air to enter your containers will cause the product to deteriorate faster, and the less you touch your products, the less chance you have of contaminating it with any bacteria you may have come into contact with. Therefore, always keep and store creams in jars with clean hands. Close the lids tightly too!



Keeping your cosmetics such as hair care products and perfumes away from heat and moisture is a sure-fire way to make your ingredients last longer. You probably keep your shampoo and conditioner in the shower, but be sure to keep the lids closed to prevent air and water from breaking up the ingredients. Store your fragrance in a dark and cool area. Do not keep your makeup in hot areas as these can break down the preservatives making them more susceptible to exposure to bacteria.


Ways to Make Your Beauty Supplies Permanent



Most of us want to mix and use makeup without wasting it. For example, if you have too many bronzer to throw away, mix your bronzer with moisturizer to accentuate your face or give your body glow. Mix your remaining lipsticks to create a custom blush or a brand new shade of lipstick. There are so many possibilities with makeup, so get creative and give it a try!


Ways to Make Your Beauty Supplies Permanent



The next time you shop for cotton, opt for cotton pads instead of cotton balls to make your beauty items last longer. Cotton balls absorb more product, so using cotton pads, whether it's an eye makeup remover or a toner, requires less product to saturate the surface, resulting in less use of your beauty product overall. The cotton pads also have a larger surface to work with so you use fewer pads when removing makeup or nail polish.


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