Attack on the Capitol Building in US


attack on the capitol building in us

Biden supporters argued that this was a planned attack by Trump. There were many defenders that he is a terrorist to USA Democracy. They also supported the punishment of the senators who supported this attack.

Many people think that the Cops are applying double standards so society's trust in the police has been shaken. When there's a huge crime, there were not so many police to stop Trump supporters in the attack on the Capitol building. But there were an intense reaction and order from the police in the marches organized for the murdered black people. People tweeted in many hashtags that the police act racistly.

Capitol security level was found very low, and the fact that the attack is so easy to be done very disturbed. The public realized that they did not feel safe.

With the news reflected by news channels from other countries, many people expressed their embarrassment to be a part of society with such wild and disrespectful people.

Hosting such a bad attack in the first week of January after a year full of viruses and disasters made most people very sad. In this period when we are still unable to get rid of the virus, while we were sufficiently affected economically and psychologically, the effect of this attack seems not to pass easily.

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