Tips For Makeup

Tips For Makeup


How to use Highlighter?

Highlighter is a product that will completely change your beauty appearance when used correctly. How to use the highlighter that provides a bright and perfect appearance? If you are going to apply highlighter to your face, you need to know three main areas to apply highlighter on your face. These three regions; cheekbones - the temple area, below the end point of the eyebrows and the very edge of the lips. If you are applying the Highlighter to your cheeks, you should apply it by mixing it at the top of your cheekbone towards your temple. Another area where you can apply the highlighter is your eyes. It is quite common to apply highlight to the brow bone, especially under the eyebrow. Thus, your eyebrows may look more raised. In addition, you can apply highlight to your eye fountains. This will make your eyes appear larger. 


<img src="highlighter.png" alt="glowing pink highlighter with a mascara">

How to do perfect winged eyeliner?

We have the tips! Listen carefully now, look in front of the mirror by lifting your chin up. You can see your eyelid and the bottom of your eyelashes comfortably, right? In this position, make a small line up to the point in the middle of your eyelid, then enlarge your line slightly to the right and left. Now we complete the line with small movements towards your eyelids. Then your chin is up again, but your head is slightly tilted towards the right shoulder. Now you can see the bottom of the lash line better towards the eye fountains. When you tilt your head to the left, you can easily see the tail section. When the line at the bottom of the eyelash is completed, the line came to draw the tail. From the end of the line, draw the tail of your eyeliner with small movements upwards and finally retouch it carefully. 

 <img src="eyeliner.png" alt="girl with closed eyes winked eyeliner at yellow background">

How to apply makeup according to face types? 

You may have heard that face shapes come in many varieties. These are triangular, round, square, elongated, oval, heart, diamond, inverted triangle and angular face shape. This is a method applied with blush to facilitate make-up and give the face the ideal oval shape. This is as follows, if your face is oval, you should apply blush to the outside, if it is round, apply blush from top to bottom, if it is square, apply blush in the middle of your cheeks, if it is a triangle, on the cheekbone - about two fingers left with the nose from the outside to the inside. your application, if your face is rectangular and long; You need to apply blush from the middle of your face to your nose. Of course, first you need to determine your face shape correctly. 

<img src="makeup.png" alt="pink makeup brushes lipstick mascara">

How to choose best foundation?

The main task of the foundation is to equalize the skin color and create a foundation for the skin. It is not using to cover the skin or make it smooth. It's actually equalizing your skin color and making the procedures you apply afterwards look better on your skin. Therefore, your foundation should be neither light nor dark in color according to your skin. It should exactly match your own body color. You can understand the best color for your skin not on your wrist or face, but on your décolleté area. For this reason, when choosing a foundation, you need to apply it to your décolleté area to achieve the healthiest result. To achieve a healthy and natural look as much as possible, be sure to choose a thin foundation. If you complain about shine on your skin or if you have dry areas on your skin, you should choose the foundation accordingly. If your skin is oily, it is useful to choose products with a matte finish, and if dry, products with moisturizing properties. 

<img src="foundation.png" alt="medium color foundation with brush">

How to put on fake eyelashes?

If you want false eyelashes to look more natural, choose false eyelashes made of hair. Carefully hold the false eyelash, which you have unpacked, from the eyelash part with two fingers. Take a drop of glue on your fingertip and gently rub it on the bottom of the lash. Then carefully place the lash on your eyelid. While doing this process, if you lift your chin slightly as you do while drawing eyeliner, you can see your eyelash bottom better. 

 <img src="eyelashes.png" alt="women putting fake eyelashes infront of red background">


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