Easy DIY Hairstyles You Can Do in Minutes



women drying her long hair with the hairdryer

If you don’t have much time for your hair, but you want it to look beautiful. Check out the easy hairstyles we have prepared for you!

Messy Bun

blonde girl with her off the shoulder white shirt

Put your hair in a ponytail and then wrap it around and make it into a bun. Take your hair off the sides to have cool look. 

Straightened Hair

women with straight hair wearing a hat watching the bridge

Straighten your hair easily and quickly with our hair comb.

Bun on Both Sides  

girl with two buns in a striped shirt

If you’re in an energetic mode, part your hair in the middle and make two buns.

Side Braids

brunette girl wearing dior shirt with her side braids

Get your hair on your side and make a simple braid. You can get a romantic and lovely look by low side braids.


Bubble Braid Ponytail

woman with bubble braid ponytail

Bubble braid ponytail is very easy to make and very cool hairstyle. Gather your hair with tiny hairpins from the top and continue to the bottom.


Fishtail Braid

blonde girl with fishtail braids on her hair

One of the simplest braids to make is fishtail braids. Start braiding your hair from the top of your hair and continue until the end. It will add to your mode a sweet and pleasant touch. You can get curly hair the next day when you weave your hair after bathing.




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