Damascena Rose (Damask)

Damascena Rose (Damask)



Damascena Rose beauty tips, nature, good red color


Damascena rose, which has an important place in the cosmetics sector; It is used in many different products from care creams to lotions, from perfumes to colognes thanks to its revitalization, renewal and beauty to the skin.

In addition, Damascena rose, which is made into rose oil and rose water, enables people to benefit from the miracles of nature effectively; It takes place in products that have an important place in hand and foot care, personal care and skin care, allowing people to protect their beauty in a natural way.


Damascana Rose benefits, beauty


-Rose water can be used as a tonic to remove skin and make-up.

-Ice cubes made of rose water relieve fatigue and swelling when applied around the eyes.

-Thanks to its calming (anti-inflammatory) feature, men can use it for their skin after shaving.

- It can be added to bath water for a baby-like skin.

- For a radiant look after make-up, the face can be sprayed with rose water.



Damascana Rose benefits, beauty



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